The different light fitting families allow their optimum use in various environments. Explosion Proof Lighting – LED Explosion Proof Lights are built to perform effectively in areas requiring an increased degree of safety. Location that has no room for shutting down systems, is in need of something valuable and reliable in lighting like our explosion proof led product. Ecoshift Corporation provides HIGH QUALITY INDUSTRIAL GRADE EXPLOSION-PROOF LIGHTING that delivers the quality and durability for your hazardous locations lighting needs. This family of high-performance ambient fixtures combines clean aesthetics with intelligent functionality. With multiple mounting types, light distributions, and acoustic options, Atlas creates powerful design opportunities for any architecture. The bioluminescence of the larvae of fireflies is also circularly polarized, as reported in 1980 for the species Photuris lucicrescens and Photuris versicolor. For fireflies, it is more difficult to find a microscopic explanation for the polarization, because the left and right lanterns of the larvae were found to emit polarized light of opposite senses. The authors suggest that the light begins with a linear polarization due to inhomogeneities inside aligned photocytes, and it picks up circular polarization while passing through linearly birefringent tissue. The maximum absolute value of gem, corresponding to purely left- or right-handed circular polarization, is therefore 2.

Lightstec have dimming led power supply.We have 0-10v dimmable led driver,Triac dimmable driver,Dali dimmable led driver.It is convenience for you to design dimmable led linear light. Choose one of LSI’s LED Linear Display or Strip Lights to best showcase your merchandise. Brilliant, distributed points of LED light add sparkle, amplify depth and eliminate the “flat” look of fluorescent lights. Easy adjustment allows the fixtures to be aimed to best advantage. Ideal for display case, accent, undercabinet and shelf lighting. Choose warm or neutral colors to match and maximize the attractiveness of the product being displayed.

The housings on these are nice aluminum extrusions, and the LEDs are protected inside. The wire connectors, on the other hand, are good once they’re connected, but making the connection is problematic. There are metal contacts that stick out from the wire ends to plug into the corresponding sockets in the lights, and there are also plastic locking prongs that seem in the wrong place relative to the conductors. Once I got them connected, there’s a significant (2-3 second) lag between the time you turn on power to the power supply and the light lights up. This is really disconcerting and I’ve never seen this kind of behavior in any LED strip before. When installed in a housing that has a matching colored lens, red and amber bulbs will appear brighter than white LED bulbs – even though they have lower lumen outputs. Linear LED high bays are typically used when replacing fluorescent technology in a ceiling. Since traditional fluorescent technology usually came in the form of a rectangle, linear high bays were made in a similar shape to fit easily into their old space. Continua’s unique design puts the focus on the continuous seamless line of light. Measuring only 2.4″ tall by 7″ wide, the luminous surface area is maximized on the bottom aperture for a clean aesthetic with minimal lines.

Suspension LED in extruded aluminium, painted white, black with reflector and screen. I am powering it with a Triad WSU wall wart, which works OK so far. Doing so will help inform other potential buyers and allow us improve our product lines. Max Run is used to specify the total number of strips that can run in series without experiencing dimming due to voltage drop. When Max Run is reached, power wires for additional devices must be ‘home run’ directly back to the power source, starting a new run. If your order is placed Monday through Friday before 3 p.m CDT, we will ship it that day. If you find that you need to return or exchange a product, we offer hassle-free 30 day returns and exchanges inside and outside of the U.S. You may refine your search by specifying one or more of the designers.

FR1220 2x3W Fixed Die casting aluminum ceiling light

For example, surface mounted linear lights can be installed between wooden slats to create a calmer environment for break-out and informal meeting areas. Up & Down linear lighting uniform lighting, it is ergonomically the best choice for office lighting. Architectural linear LED wall mount fixtures ideal for commercial and industrial applications; warehouses, office buildings, hallways, stairwells, and more. Some linear suspensions provide targeted downlighting, perfect for offices and kitchen island lighting. For ultimate lighting control, look for a linear suspension with separately switched up and down lights to get both ambient and task lighting in one sleek package. Other linear suspensions like linear chandeliers serve mostly decorative purposes, offering style and ambient lighting that are well-suited for dining rooms. Suspension lighting describes the mount-type of architectural lighting fixtures using aircraft cable suspension kits. These suspension kits allow suspension from 48 inches up to 120 inches.

Light is also partially polarized when it reflects from a surface. The first Lithonia Lighting® fixture specifically crafted to suspend in open ceiling spaces. Lithonia® Linear has a minimalist design that can effortlessly span 8 feet or 16 feet in a single run for schools, offices or retail spaces looking to accommodate large footprints. RP Lighting and Fans has converted many of our standard fluorescent wraps, clouds and strip lights into LED light sources at a very competitive price. This category of products will include 120V/277V ballasts and drivers with Emergency Back options. RP Lighting and Fans is your complete source for Linear Lighting. Ketai Industries Lighting Co.,Ltd.,which is established in 1999 by Brother Daniel and David, has been focusing on the researching and production of the top level commercial lighting products for decades. As it does with all modern lighting, size is less about rules than about balance and proportion. If you’re installing a linear hanging light above a kitchen island, for instance, you’ll need to be mindful of its size in relation to the island, and the overall size and design scheme of your kitchen. Lights that are disproportionately large or small will distract from the beauty of the lamp itself, and diminish the beauty of all the other elements in the kitchen as well.

Superbrite LED’s work to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. I always made use of the diffusers which really help to “smooth out” the light and remove “hot spots”. I’ve used these as full-room light in a server room where we don’t need anymore heat – to the a-typical application of under-cabinet lighting. Imagine an LED linear ring suspended lower than the surrounding lighting. This application can create a sense of focus in particular areas and is extremely effective when installed in museums or galleries to highlight exhibits. We’ve worked with commercial hotels, retail boutiques, residential homes, apartments, to even pop-up stores and events by offering lighting solutions to discerning owners and designers who see light as more than just illumination.

The field oscillates in the x-y plane, along the page, with the wave propagating in the z direction, perpendicular to the page. The first two diagrams below trace the electric field vector over a complete cycle for linear polarization at two different orientations; these are each considered a distinct state of polarization . Note that the linear polarization at 45° can also be viewed as the addition of a horizontally linearly polarized wave and a vertically polarized wave of the same amplitude in the same phase. Light or other electromagnetic radiation from many sources, such as the sun, flames, and incandescent lamps, consists of short wave trains with an equal mixture of polarizations; this is called unpolarized light. Polarized light can be produced by passing unpolarized light through a polarizer, which allows waves of only one polarization to pass through. The most common optical materials do not affect the polarization of light, however, some materials—those that exhibit birefringence, dichroism, or optical activity—affect light differently depending on its polarization.

If one were to plot the electric field vector over one cycle of oscillation, an ellipse would generally be obtained, as is shown in the figure, corresponding to a particular state of elliptical polarization. Note that linear polarization and circular polarization can be seen as special cases of elliptical polarization. Now if one were to introduce a phase shift in between those horizontal and vertical polarization components, one would generally obtain elliptical polarization as is shown in the third figure. When the phase shift is exactly ±90°, then circular polarization is produced . Thus is circular polarization created in practice, starting with linearly polarized light and employing a quarter-wave plate to introduce such a phase shift. The result of two such phase-shifted components in causing a rotating electric field vector is depicted in the animation on the right. Note that circular or elliptical polarization can involve either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the field. These correspond to distinct polarization states, such as the two circular polarizations shown above.