Fitness equipment suitable for home use

Lu Xun said, “when you want to wait until you have a gym to plan to do fitness, then you won’t go when you really have it!” My experience is very similar to the subject. I have experienced the process. Fitness is inseparable. As long as you want to train, you have a heart that changes yourself. It is a gym everywhere. I was in touch with the exercise in the early days with the hands-on training, training for more than three years, to my body and physical fitness brought great changes, later found that I really like to exercise, and the subject thought, to make their body further change, I bought a pair of dumbbells and abdominal muscle training benches at home.

Muscle needs to be loaded continuously

a. Weight

Muscle growth requires sustained weight stimulation, which is also a disadvantage of hand training in the process of muscle enhancement. You start training without training base from the beginning. The stimulation of push ups to squat is fresh. For the body, it is a new load management. In order to adapt to it, you will make changes, and your muscles will grow.

But after all, unarmed training has limitations. No matter how you adjust your weight, you can’t raise it to a new height. There are only some changes.

b. We can adjust my training load by controlling the rest between groups if we can not adjust the weight too much.

The shorter the rest between our groups, the stronger olympic bumper the stimulation of our muscles. We can reduce the rest time between groups to improve the intensity of training when our training weight is not satisfied. Muscles need enough rest and bodybuilding predecessors said that no lost muscle is growing in the gym. Muscle growth is done at home, gym training and hand training are telling you the muscles “Hi guys! You should be bigger! ” Hand training can not make your load more and more continuously. Your muscles will tell you that “I can deal with this little thing completely enough, and don’t need to be bigger.” good rest is not only to stay still and not to move well, which includes good night sleep quality, active recovery after movement, muscle relaxation and muscle stretching. We will use differentiation training in the process of muscle enhancement, because each muscle needs enough rest time. You can’t give him continuous stimulation every day. He may play a negative role, and he will not advance or retreat. What is differentiation training, for example, training upper limbs today to train lower limbs tomorrow, chest shoulder and back leg every muscle for one day, this training is differentiation training, which can give you enough rest time for each muscle. I suggest that the differentiation training of upper and lower limbs be used for family muscle training!