Harassment of Republic of Texas Citizen Continues

Republic of Texas citizen, Emmett Enlow, has been arrested again by agents of Dallas County.  Utilizing the citizen identification card stolen from Mr. Enlow during his arrest on Friday, Dallas County agents have charged Mr. Enlow with “impersonating an officer.”  According to reports, Mr. Enlow is being held in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center awaiting a meeting with one of the occupiers who is impersonating a judge.

The charge initiated from the office of “Constable Dupree” in Precinct 5 of Dallas County.  These are the same officials who confiscated Mr. Enlow’s identification contrary to common law, state law and the Geneva Convention.

This harassment must cease. Efforts to secure Mr. Enlow’s release are being coordinated through the offices of the Consul General and the President. I urge everyone to do the following:

1) Call the Lew Sterrett Justice Center at (214)653-2931 and tell them: “I am a citizen of the Republic of Texas and I am calling to demand the release of our citizen, Emmett Enlow. Barring this I demand that he be classified as a political prisoner and treated under the international standards for political prisoners.”

2) Log on to www.acordada.com and show your support for all of our political prisoners. Fill out the form letter and submit it. As a matter of fact, submit one for every person in your household.

3) Contact the office of “Constable” Dupree in Precinct 5 of Dallas County and let him know how you feel about the harassment of Republic of Texas citizens. His office can be reached at (214)943-1765. After you call, fax them a letter stating your opinion on this same subject.  The fax number is 214-943-3091.

4) Attend the DFW meeting at the Golden Corral in Irving tonight and find out more about how you can work to free Texas from this type of tyranny. For more information on this meeting contact the Dallas County Coordinator, Jerry King, at (214) 549-5131.

We must ALWAYS support our people when they are persecuted for their stand that Texas was, is, and forever shall be free and independent.

For more information about the movement to restore Texas independence and the government of the Republic of Texas contact us at one of the following:

Information Line (Toll Free): (888) 802-6352
Sister Website: http://www.republic-of-texas.net