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With the intention to reduce the investment for manufacturing gear, we are able to additionally modify the outdated type friction screw press into new electrical screw press.Disadvantages of Friction Disk Screw Press: long transmission chain and high power consumption, more fast-put on parts,not correct controlling and labor-intensive, noisy, unsafe, etc. These machines are specially designed to make bolt head of any type, forge, brass aluminium, forged components or the straightening, rivets, spikes, panaheaded rivets, hub bolts, field spanner, head refractory and bricks may also be made on it. Motro parts equipment parts may also be made on it. It is your best option for modern forging trade, predominant products are EP Sequence Electric Screw press, EPZ Collection Electric Refractory Press,etc. The EPC-D electrical screw press produced by Qingdao Wantai Machine Tool Expertise Co. Ltd. Friction Screw Press Down Stroke saves lots of human time and efforts by performing fast operations. Double-disk friction screw press machine is widely used in the machinery manufacturing trade, can be utilized to complete the die forging, horizontal forging, bending, calibration, stress-sizing and different mechanical work. Is knowledgeable leader China Electrical screw press, Sizzling forging press, Double disk friction press producer with top quality and cheap worth. I am fascinated on this product ( Electrical refractory screw press machine (Static pressure) ) , please present us with a citation. After improved to be numerical control press, it has the options of simple to function, low power consumption, few wear components, good security performa nce, stable quality and good product consistency, which is the revolutionary substitute product for refractory material trade. Double-disk friction screw press has greater versatility in the utility, and has easy and affordable structure, straightforward to put in and control and other benefits, so double disk friction screw press machine is widely utilized in press store, forging and die solid workshop in building, auto, tractor, aviation and different industries, as well as blanking of refractory matter. Oil-hydraulic motors, in particular axial piston motors, have a subtantially lower particular weight with small dimensions than electric motors, in order that they are often arranged, individually or in pairs, on diametrically opposite a driving pinion, with the further structural advantage that the spindle together with the flywheel and the toothed rim will be mounted axially displaceably in a nut mounted in the higher cross member of the press frame and are thus uncovered only to torsion above the nut and only to thrust beneath the nut. Find here on-line worth details of corporations promoting Friction Screw Press. A hydraulic power piston could also be substituted for the screw and flywheel.

Line 43 signifies the extraction of the pressed part by the mould due to the piston commanded by the respective valves sixty three and sixty four in synchronism with the beam and the screw in a brand new up motion achieved by identified command circuits. SD10-315 was the primary set Refractory Electric Program-controlled Screw Press for Refractory trade in China which was our company developped and produced, even the first set on the planet. Shortly earlier than the affect of the upper half of the forging die, secured to the slide 7 upon the forging work-piece lying within the decrease half of the forging die, the traces 31 to the axial piston motor 26 are brief-circuited, because the magnetically controlled four-means valve forty one is moved from its rest place (as proven in FIG. This Friction Screw Press Down Stroke has been developed from finest grade steel. This machine can be suitable for producing naushadar bricks and head refractory. Change 23 energizes the valve 17 to disconnect the pilot of a check valve 22 and introduces oil at a pressure of 100 atmospheres into the chambers 15 and 15′ of dynamic oil accumulators 14, 14′ which may be hydraulically related to pistons 13, 13′ as proven in FIGS. The torlence of controlling vitality of Electrical Screw Press is zero.2%, and the torlence of impact power is just one%. The small quantities of oil running off from the stress-limiting valves 42 and 43 and the 4-means valve 41 through the reversing and likewise as leaked oil are fed again again into the closed circuit by a pump 45 pushed by a motor forty four. A spring-centered, strain-managed three-approach valve forty six is offered with a purpose to ensure the feed strain required on the pump 27 and regulated by the strain-limiting valve forty seven. The three-way valve forty six is actuated in such a approach that the respective low-pressure aspect of the closed circuit is linked to the stress-limiting valve 47, the feed strain being maintained by the pump forty five. For cleaning and cooling the oil, the oil which has escaped from the circuit, is collected in part 32b of the tank 32, handed on after preliminary cleansing by sedimentation to part 32c of the tank 32, is fed via filters 50 and coolers 51 by a pump forty nine driven by an electric motor forty eight and is stored partly 32a of the tank 32. Due to this fact, instead of ending the first urgent with the worth of the urgent, the quantity of oil at excessive strain may be used. The electric screw press is pushed by permanent magnet synchronous servo motor,and consist of mechanical pats reminiscent of framework, flywheel, screw nut, the slider, lubricating mechanism, braking mechanism and electric elements similar to servo motor, electrical control cupboard, working button station.

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The invention relates to a screw press having a flywheel rotationally related to the spindle by way of a friction coupling and a spindle displaceable axially in a nut mounted in the upper cross member of the press frame, whereby the flywheel has external toothing to a width akin to the maximum press stroke plus the width of the driving pinion, a plurality of pinions participating within the stated toothed rim are each driven by oil-hydraulic axial piston motors or by a pair of oil-hydraulic axial piston motors and the axial piston motors together with the pinions are disposed on a platform surrounding the higher cross member of the press body. three, lines forty and 41 are consultant of the screw stroke, and features 30, 31, 31′, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 43 are representative of the stroke of beam 3. In a high place 30 the beam 3 is supported by the pistons 9 and 9′ against the adjustable plunger heads 6″ and 6′” of the pistons 6 and 6′. The power of the pistons 9 and 9′ is such that it exceeds the burden of the beam 3 and the pressure of the pistons 5 and 5′. This new construction is based on the refractory forming characters, which is our firm developed primarily based on SD20 Sequence Electric Screw Press for the refractory business. Shortly earlier than the top of the downward stroke of the spindle 9 the rotational velocity of the pump 27 and hence the rotational speed of the flywheel 17 and the spindle 9 are lowered to zero throughout the remainder of the stroke of the spindle 9. When the rotational speed is decreased the 4-approach valve 41 is displaced from the rest position to the proper and the road 42a is linked to a second pressure-limiting valve 43. The pressure which may be regulated by the strain-limiting valve 43 limits, by means of the strain-limiting valve forty two, the strain present in the pipeline 31 to the braking strain required for braking the flywheel 17. Concerning the current urgent machines, the variety of strokes achieved between the washing phases of the moulds, is from 2 to three instances as nice. Because the electric motors are twice accelerated from rest to the required rotational velocity and braked once more during each working cycle, correspondingly excessive current warmth losses are unavoidable and in addition the idle energy absorbed by the motor is disadvantageous. Experimentally, with a pressing machine in accordance with the present invention, it could be observed that the required energy for the primary urgent operation, with predetermined plenty of ceramic, will be quite low, approximately 10-12,000 kg., in opposition to the four hundred,000 Kg of the second pressing operations, which is quite completely different from the current urgent machines, which require about 50 to 150 tons for the primary pressing step.

A compelled lubricating system will feed the lubricate oil into the closed screw-nut system by way of particular pipeline, and kind an oil display screen between every touching parts to scale back the elements friction when press works. A plurality of pinions partaking in the mentioned toothed rim are every pushed by an oil-hydraulic axial piston motor or by a pair of oil-hydraulic axial piston motors and the axial piston motors together with the pinions are disposed on a platform surrounding the upper cross member of the press body. No. three,359,608, issued to the current inventor, discloses a friction and screw press for the manufacture of ceramic articles. Based on the info show: data disparity, as a result of the double-disc friction press operation will exist when stealing hammer, missing hammer phenomenon, the output can be floater than the CNC electrical screw press, but based on the provisions of the corporate to suppress the hammer products, Two sorts of pressure brick equipment production are comparable. Furthermore, it is possible to regulate the movement of the flywheel 7″ and screw 7′ by operating a hydraulic motor 7, having a comparatively reduced dimension, put in on the beam eight to move the screw 7 by way of a detachably coupled system which is hydraulically interconnected to pistons 9, 9′. Line 41 illustrates the return of the screw, which needs to be thrown in an up motion with an influence of much less worth than that equipped for the elastic return of the structure of the urgent machine. The stress exerted by the screw 7′ on the material could also be predetermined in a precise method, with the possibility of utilizing restricted torque mills for the stroke of the flywheel, resembling hydraulic motors, electric motors or friction motors with limited torque comparatively to the motor used as much as this second. During the acceleration phases for the downward motion and the upward motion of the spindle 9 the electrical motor 28 operates with roughly fixed power and fixed rotational pace which ensures a excessive degree of electrical effectivity of the motor 28. The fixed motor power is converted and fully utilized by the oil pump 27 working as a torque converter. Stated circuit further comprising management means for controlling the pressure of the hydraulic fluid fed to mentioned motor means and a plurality of pressure levels, certainly one of stated phases being controllable as braking stress for stated flywheel, and a refill pump means for returning leaked hydraulic fluid to said circuit.