On the application of automation technology in mechanical design

  Today’s society continues to progress, the continuous development of science and technology for the machinery manufacturing industry has brought good opportunities for development, in recent years everywhere mechanized today, the machinery manufacturing industry has also developed rapidly, mechanical automation refers to the use of automation technology in the machinery manufacturing industry for continuous automatic production of processing objects, to achieve optimal and effective automated production, speed up the speed of production and the speed of input flow.

The application of automation technology in machinery design and manufacturing is the main means and the main direction of technological transformation and technological development in the machinery manufacturing industry. Automation technology can also be used in enterprises to quickly improve the efficiency of manufacturing, and the use of good words to manufacture products will also be better quality, shorten the time of machinery manufacturing, improve efficiency, cost savings, so that ultimately enterprises can improve their competitiveness, but also to improve the working environment. In the machinery manufacturing industry, as mechanical design is a key part of machinery manufacturing, if the mechanical design and automation technology combined, can better bring momentum to the development of the machinery industry.

  1, automation technology and machinery automation technology

  Automation technology is a dynamic development of the concept, its development concept, the process is also dynamic changes, the past automation technology mostly refers to the use of mechanical technology instead of manual to carry out some operations, to be able to follow the predetermined instructions to complete the matters required to deal with. With the continuous development and improvement of science and technology, electronic technology is also emerging, the rapid development of computer technology, people’s understanding of automation technology and more changes have occurred, there is a more profound understanding, the following is the definition of automation at this stage.

  First, to replace the manual labor movement or replace the human brain activities, the mechanical manufacturing process of manual operation and mechanical operation of the unification, is more convenient in the process of manufacturing operation of mechanical systems, smooth, more convenient management.

  The second is reflected in the function of machinery and equipment, some automation equipment in some parts of the link can completely replace human labor and mental labor, the maximum degree of automation of machinery and equipment, making the machinery manufacturing links more smooth.

  Thirdly, it refers to the operation of automation, to realize the specificity of the production process in the place where mechanical automation is needed, to shorten the life cycle of the product in the whole process, so that the whole process of manufacturing can be produced continuously.

  Mechanical automation in the early days is mainly mechanical and electrical components to achieve automation of machinery manufacturing, with the continuous development and application of computer technology, making the machinery manufacturing industry in mechanical design, production are applied to the computer and other auxiliary technologies, information management gradually into the process of machinery manufacturing.

  2, the application of automation system in mechanical design

  Improve product innovation and design capabilities, is a strategic issue related to the survival and development of enterprises and even the country. As mechanical design is a key part of machinery manufacturing, is the key to innovative thinking in enterprise production, is to improve the good operation of products, aesthetic design of key links. The innovative concept of the product involves the creation of the human brain thinking, receiving the limitations of human knowledge and innovative thinking, in the first time to quickly analyze the product to meet the market needs computer product innovation technology. The main applications of automation system in mechanical design are

  2.1 Automation of information

  In the process of production, automated equipment to identify electronic information, the parameters of which are analyzed, and then through the instructions for the production of machinery manufacturing. People can analyze the process design, process, production parameter setting, production system and other data-based analysis and transformation of the output of the process of machinery production by computer.

  2.2 Automation of supply materials

  In the traditional manufacturing industry, it is a difficult problem due to the indiscriminate throwing and manual self-taking of supplies. Modern machinery manufacturing automation, supplies have also achieved automation, and has become an indispensable subdivision of the automated mechanical process, respectively, to achieve the single automatic device, automated softening system components, automatic transport equipment connection, is an important technical means, machinery manufacturing system has many complex raw materials, through these technologies can be in accordance with the appropriate work requirements of a reasonable division of labor that can realize the automation of materials.

  2.3 Automation of production

  Machinery manufacturing production is a multi-level repetitive operation, the development of automation technology in machinery design and manufacturing makes it possible to integrate repetitive work in the production of machinery, and can replace more than two mechanical production with machinery automation technology, which is reasonable and sufficient to reset the various aspects of mechanical design. The highly automated mechanical production replaces the manual process, unifies the production process, improves the efficiency of manufacturing production, while improving the manufacturing quality of products.

  2.4 Automation of equipment

  An important component of the production process of mechanical design and manufacturing is the equipment and equipment, the introduction of automation technology, can be mechanical equipment parts and accessories in accordance with certain specifications and requirements for the shape, performance design, and can form a set of handling, commissioning, testing, assembly, acceptance and other steps can be produced production line. The manual complex cycle of assembly work is replaced by mechanical automatic production, effectively improving the mechanical design and manufacturing assembly efficiency and production efficiency.

  In terms of China’s current machinery manufacturing automation technology, China’s machinery manufacturing level is still in a relatively backward situation, automation technology is also mainly focused on the technology of low return on investment, for the development potential, low cost, advanced automation technology should also pay attention to.

  3, the role of automation technology in mechanical design

  Enterprises want to improve competitiveness, improve their own development, the primary goal is to improve the ability to quickly develop product innovation in the automation design of products. Machinery automation on the one hand can improve the competitiveness of enterprises themselves, increase employment opportunities, on the other hand, can also promote the diversity of the market. So automation technology has considerable significance in mechanical design.

  3.1 Improve the quality of work

  Automation technology helps to improve the quality of work in machinery manufacturing. Compared with traditional technology, automation technology comes with many advantages of its own, with precision, efficiency and superiority, and the aspects of improving the quality of work are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, it breaks the traditional manufacturing process, in which data indicators such as measurement and evaluation can be transformed into digital indicators and analyzed during the production process, which enhances the ability to analyze the data of the production process parameters and reduces the same The second is the realization of the mass production mode, each link of production can be automated control, production links are more clear and specific, greatly improving the productivity of the work, reduce the “misproduction value”.

  3.2 Improve the reliability of production quality

  Through automation technology, all aspects of machinery manufacturing can be effectively controlled and grasped to ensure that the production of safety data indicators detection, warning or modification of the wrong parameters to enhance the safety of machinery manufacturing, quality reliability. This is mainly reflected in these aspects: First, it improves the previous manual operation sometimes improper, reducing the probability of causing safety accidents and reducing hidden dangers; second, automation technology can monitor the production of equipment, machinery manufacturing parameters and other indicators of various operations in real time, set safety warnings, give full play to the advantages generated by the machine instead of human, production forecasting, and reduce the possibility of safety accidents The possibility of safety accidents can be reduced.

  3.3 Improve the utilization of resources

  The application of automation technology in the machinery manufacturing industry also helps to save energy and improve the utilization rate of resources. The main realization is that automation technology makes the production of machinery refinement, the utilization rate of the residual material is also higher, which can save the cost of raw materials Automation technology in the size of raw materials, material cutting and other aspects of the human operation to improve the adaptability, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption.

  3.4 Rational configuration of the use of machinery

  In the process of automated machinery design and production, the operating state of the machine can be transformed into real-time data for detection, which can be based on different parameter data on the operating state of the machinery, maintenance of the state of the relevant data analysis and collation, timely discovery of the drawbacks in the production process and the hidden dangers of accident safety, for the maintenance of equipment, repair and other aspects of the work to play a good detective role.


  The continuous improvement of computer technology in today’s society makes the automation technology of mechanical design vigorously developed, driving the application and development of mechanical design and manufacturing and control, this paper has made a brief explanation of the meaning of automation technology, automation technology in the application of mechanical design, and in the end analyzed the important role and significance of automation technology in mechanical design and manufacturing. Relevant personnel should pay attention to the innovation and application of automation technology, realize the automation of production, automation of material distribution, automation of equipment, contribute to the development of mechanical automation in China to the international advanced level, adhere to the relevant policy of improving themselves and popularization, for the application of mechanical automation in China on the road of high speed, high quality and high efficiency.