The role of production safety standardization in the safety management of machinery manufacturing enterprises

  1 Production characteristics of machinery manufacturing enterprises

  Machinery manufacturing enterprises have their own production characteristics, in its production process, all products have a corresponding process, each product processing process, will be processed in strict order, and each product in the finished product before, need to go through different workshops, and in these different workshops for processing production, when each process is finally completed, only need to different The finished product produced in the workshop, the final comprehensive assembly, to be able to get the final product.

  Usually, most of China’s machinery manufacturing enterprises are using discrete production methods to process products, production, will first be small parts, small parts for processing operations, which is also the production characteristics of machinery manufacturing enterprises; at the same time, machinery manufacturing enterprises generally use a wide variety of large or super-large machinery and equipment, these types of equipment and facilities to use the process is quite Complex, the technology required also has special expertise, so it must be divided into workshops for production, and then finally assembled into the final product.

  It can be seen that the production of machinery manufacturing enterprises have the characteristics of complexity and hierarchy, in order to promote faster and better development of machinery manufacturing enterprises to maximize its economic and social benefits, safety production management must be effective throughout its production process.

  2 The content of production safety standardization

  2.1 Basic management evaluation

  The basic management evaluation contains many aspects, mainly including the clarification of the production safety responsibility system and the annual production safety plan goals and targets as well as the education and training of enterprise workers and the management of accidents, the management of special equipment and facilities inspection, the safety training of the team, the identification of danger sources, the development and implementation of on-site supervision and inspection and accident emergency plans? management, special jobs and occupational health and safety files of enterprise workers, etc. Enterprises should use the evaluation of basic management as the basis for evaluation of production safety management.

  2.2 Safety evaluation of equipment and facilities

  Safety evaluation of equipment and facilities is a relatively important position in the safety management of enterprises, for example, in the production process of machinery manufacturing enterprises involved in the storage of dangerous chemicals and flammable and explosive gases and oils, wood production sites and machinery manufacturing operation sites and transport machinery, etc., these areas of equipment and facilities are the items that must be checked in the safety evaluation, especially the equipment and facilities on the Safety devices are the focus of the inspection, because these devices are the safety of these high-risk areas, so the machinery manufacturing enterprises on the safety evaluation of equipment and facilities as the basis for the evaluation of safety production management

  2.3 Operating environment and occupational health evaluation

  The evaluation of the operating environment mainly checks the overall plant environment and work area environment and the use of hazardous chemicals sites, etc. The evaluation of occupational health mainly checks the compliance index of the occupational hazards work sites and the health records of the occupational hazards work site staff.

  3 Machinery manufacturing enterprises to carry out the optimization of safety standardization strategies

  3.1 Increase the investment in safety standardization management of machinery manufacturing enterprises Increase investment is one of the most effective ways to carry out safety standardization management, machinery manufacturing enterprises to increase the safety of human, financial and material investment, set the investment ratio. For example, the staff of the safety management department to enhance the professional level and strengthen the enterprise staff to establish safety awareness and hire professionals to explain the importance of safety management. c, but also the introduction of advanced safety management model and safety concepts in the same industry, but also the use of high safety factor facilities and equipment and safety equipment.

  3.2 Actively promote the safety education and training of machinery manufacturing enterprises

  First, the leadership training. First of all, safety awareness training for leading cadres, as long as the leadership’s safety awareness to do the right thing will urge subordinates to do a good job of safety precautions. As long as the leadership attaches great importance to the grassroots staff naturally will not let down their guard.

  Second, management and professional and technical training. After the safety awareness training, but also respectively on the professional and technical training, for example, to solve the standardization of production safety when the management and professional and technical personnel should assume responsibility, how to operate, how to reflect the safety management “graded management line responsibility” and other issues.

  Third, the whole staff education. Safety production not only needs the attention of the leadership and the person in charge of each department, but also needs all the employees to take the responsibility of safety production. For the staff directly responsible for production, their production operations play a decisive role in the risk of accidents, enterprises should increase investment in the cultivation of safety awareness of front-line employees. While doing a good job of publicity, but also according to whether the staff in the production process in line with the requirements of the safety technology operating procedures to reward and punishment

  3.3 Coordination of enterprise safety standardization system and environmental occupational health and safety management system construction

  First, in order to reduce the probability of safety production accidents first of all, we must develop a more complete safety management system and then grasp the site safety management, which is an essential requirement as management. But not everyone has the quality and skills of professional safety management, management personnel must be proficient in the management of common sense, and familiar with the various aspects of production and production technology points, but also have a certain amount of work experience, prevention will be killed in the cradle of potential safety accidents before they happen. Part of the safety management personnel will be invested in the standardization of production safety construction work, so that the enterprise safety management network. Another part of the grasp of site safety management so that the networked management on the ground.

  Second, machinery manufacturing enterprises to do a good job of safety standardization and environmental occupational health two systems of coordination and integration, safety standardization and environmental occupational health two systems complement each other, one is indispensable, especially in discrete manufacturing enterprises more obvious, the operators working on the front line must operate in accordance with safety norms, the safety of life in the first place, so as to reduce the risk of accidents The management of the enterprise should implement the approach of site safety production to each person who is working. For example, whether the safety protection facilities at the production site are well preserved, these small details must attract the high attention of all employees

  3.4 Optimizing the scoring method of production safety standardization

  Safety production has always been a concern, and it is not enough to rely on supervision during daily production operations, but must also check and accept the work results, so it is necessary to develop practical scoring standards to accept the production process and the final results achieved, and constantly amend the scoring standards through the process of multiple inspection and scoring, so that they are increasingly close to the actual production needs and have more practical Guidance significance.

  4 Conclusion

  To sum up, the enterprise safety production management system should take the new version of the “basic specification” as the basis to promote the implementation of the enterprise in the standardization of safety production, to effectively guide and regulate the enterprise in the independent safety management, to play a certain effect on the construction of enterprise safety production standardization, to push the enterprise to the direction of scientific development and safety development, change the consciousness, in terms of safety investment is not a waste but a Long-term benefit, so that enterprises to achieve in production efficiency and efficiency and safety of the three effective combination, while achieving maximum social and economic benefits.